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Details of Publication IAP ID 2760

Type:Conference Proceedings
IAP ID:2760
Authors:J. Rička, N. Bogdanović, B. Krattiger, D. Holzmann, M. Frenz
Title:In vitro and in vivo endoscopical detection of ciliary beat frequency
Title of proceedings:SPIE Proceedings - Photonic Therapeutics and Diagnostics II
Editor:Nikiforos Kollias and Haishan Zeng and Bernard Choi and Reza S. Malek and Brian J. Wong and Justus F. Ilgner and Eugene A. Trowers and Werner T. de Riese and Kenton W. Gregory and Guillermo J. Tearney and Laura Marcu and Henry Hirschberg and Steen J. Mads

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